The Legal Draftsman's Department is mandated to draft principal and amending legislation and to draft and revise subsidiary legislation in order to facilitate the successful implementation of the Government's legislative programme. The Department is also called upon to express opinions with respect to draft legislation and subsidiary legislation and has also to co-ordinate with Parliament for the successful enactment of legislation drafted in conformity with the provisions of the Constitution.

In view of the Constitutional requirement to enact legislation in two national languages and also in English which is the link language, whilst ensuring efficiency and accuracy, Draftsperson of the Department usually work in teams of two or three. The instructions relating to a draft is allocated to a senior Draftsman who takes responsibility for the work assigned and attends to the matter with the assistance of the junior assigned for the task. Initially a preliminary draft is produced, which draft will be thoroughly discussed and amended to conform to the policy decision and then a final draft will be forwarded to the relevant Ministry. At the same time the draft is sent to the Attorney - General for him to certify the constitutionality of the draft. The draft is then Gazetted as a Bill and sent to Parliament.

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